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The Legacy corporation is a student social justice and entrepreneurial group from Vincent Massey Junior High, in Calgary Alberta. Legacy students have been working and supporting the Uganda Partnership since 2010 and have been the primary funders for the majority of our initiatives since. 


Each year Legacy students work hard fundraising by running school based businesses.  Since 2010 they have funded many initiatives including: group loans, a clean water and mosquito net campaign to reduce the impacts of Malaria, purchased land, constructed buildings, provided the funding for cooperative businesses and funding to provide women and children infected with HIV access to health care providers and medicine. As well Legacy students are fully supporting two young orphan girls to attend school. 


In addition to Legacy's financial support they have also connected in a personal way with the women and children in Uganda. Legacy students and widows have exchanged, hand made (baskets and clothes), letters, songs, and wall hangings that hang in the main hall in Uganda Partnership's primary school, named after this amazing group of students. 


All of us at Uganda Partnership truly appreciate the amazing work that is done by these 13-15 year olds who through their actions and generosity are making an enormous difference for the widowed women and children of Mitoma, Uganda. 

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